“We understand how, at times, problems can appear overwhelming and solutions hard to find. Talking about your difficulties is the first step to improving the quality of your life.”

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Work related problems

There are certain aspects of any job that can contribute to or increase depression, Some jobs are more depression-prone than others due to high stress, unpredictable situations,  long hours, or little control. Particularly here in Northern Ireland. Highly stressed jobs such as security forces, medical/paramedic and fire/ambulance work can cause trauma to those working in these areas. People with high-stress jobs have a greater chance of managing it if they take care of their mental health and get the help they need.

Sometimes we stop ourselves from reaching our full potential especially in the work place, simply because we fear we may fail”

Counselling can bring these issues to the surface and deal with them one by one in a confidential setting. By addressing your work related stress, you can lower your risk of it developing into a more serious problem. Sometimes, problems can stem deeper than they first appear. Many people continue to encounter the same problems time and time again in life because they fail to recognise the root cause of their difficulty.

By talking to someone who is trained will help put things into perspective and ease the anxiety that is caused by work related issues.


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