“We understand how, at times, problems can appear overwhelming and solutions hard to find. Talking about your difficulties is the first step to improving the quality of your life.”

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You may find it hard to recognise why you are attracted to a person of the same sex or both sexes when it’s perceived as ‘natural’ to be interested in the opposite sex. These feelings are common and there are millions of people all over the world experiencing these emotions. It is normal to feel confused about your emotions and nervous about how others will react. Being gay is not wrong, it is part of human sexuality, and people cannot choose their sexual orientation.

One of the biggest steps is accepting yourself for who you are, which can be very difficult for some people. This may be because of your background, religious beliefs or your own moral dilemmas.

Trying to understand and accepting who you are can be very difficult, and at times lonely and isolating. Counselling can help if you feel you have no one you can confide in or that you won’t be understood.

Counselling can help you work through your feelings and support you coming to terms with and accepting who you are, in a safe and confidential setting.


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