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Relationship / Family Issues

Our sense of identity and self-worth rests on the strength of our relationships and often we despair when they fail. Our ways of relating are learned at a young age in the family we grew up in, for some this can ingrain an unhealthy and unhelpful way of behaving in close relationships which can restrict our lives.

Symptoms of relationship difficulties

  • Repetitive, destructive patterns at work or home
  • ‘Here we go again’ feelings Feeling bullied or pressurised
  • Feelings of being held back for no apparent reason
  • Limiting of social life for fear of consequences

Often when under pressure we revert to family patterns, the family scapegoat may find they accept blame for something that wasn’t their fault. The child who was bullied may find themselves inviting criticism (it’s what they are used to).

Counselling can offer the chance to examine your patterns of interacting with those around you. And help you understand the messages and habits you may have inherited from the family in which you grew up and offer new, healthier skills to realise your potential.

How Counselling can help

  • Destructive patterns of relating can be recognised and addresses
  • Conflict and communication can be improved
  • Abusive relationships and domestic violence can be acknowledged
  • Encourage effective change


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