“We understand how, at times, problems can appear overwhelming and solutions hard to find. Talking about your difficulties is the first step to improving the quality of your life.”

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Teenage years can be a time of great difficulty and distress as there are so many changes both physically and mentally to the young person. Trying to cope with different situations, and unfamiliar challenges like exams can be very difficult. Not only that there is relationships to consider and peer pressure to fit in or conform, some young people cope well and others struggle. Life at times can be difficult for young people they can become stressed, irritable, isolate themselves or seem moody, they can feel loaded with school pressure and maybe struggling with situations such as bullying and finding it difficult to cope.

Sometimes it’s difficult to talk to those close to you for fear of being embarrassed and also hurting or upsetting them. How counselling can help: As trained counsellors will listen carefully in a non-judgemental way which can give clarity and help bring about understanding, reduce confusion and relieve anxiety.

Counselling can help young people cope with this difficult time in their life in a healthy way. Hopefully this will help create lasting life changes, and develop positive relationships.


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