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Lack of Confidence

Lots of people suffer with the occasional crisis of confidence, but for some people, lacking confidence almost becomes ingrained in their personality. Lacking confidence can make you feel inferior to others and doubt your self-worth. This can leave you isolated because you mistrust your own judgment and abilities.

You may hamper your own progress in life by not attempting to try anything new in case you fail, even though you know you have the potential ability. Some of the causes for lack of confidence are.

  • Past experience of failure
  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • Negative life experiences growing up
  • Dwelling on unhappy experiences
  • Experiencing too much pressure from other people

Some of the signs of lacking in confidence;

  • Giving reasons for your
    actions unnecessarily
  • Being defensive if anyone challenges or
    criticises you
  • Being a perfectionist
  • Attributing your successes to luck
  • Constantly needing the opinion of others

Counselling will help you look at and understand where your negativity comes from, and try to change your inner critic. Helping you overcome or move on from past experiences or failures.


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