“We understand how, at times, problems can appear overwhelming and solutions hard to find. Talking about your difficulties is the first step to improving the quality of your life.”

Counselling in Belfast & NI

How We Can Help

Counselling will provide you an opportunity to explore your feelings, make sense of what is happening or happened and gain greater self awareness. It can also help you to look at your own personal resources and capabilities that can sometimes get lost in times of confusion or anxiety. Trust is essential what you tell us is held as confidential; in other words what you tell us will not be discussed or passed on to anyone else unless you give permission.
there can be times when we experience difficulties that are hard to overcome, sometimes our usual source of support such as family or friends are too close to us or even be part of the problem”
Counselling can show you:
  • How to deal with the past, present and future effectively
  • How to handle stress and anxiety effectively
  • How learned behaviours can inhibit us reaching our full potential
  • How to think positively
  • How to create positive relationships
  • How to deal with anger and frustration
  • How to use your creativity to enable you to lead a more meaningful and enjoyable life.
Acceptance and respect for each individual is a vital part of Counselling. It means that the person can be confident that they will not be judged and a valuable relationship is able to develop. The aim of counselling is to encourage people to find their own solutions – it is not about giving advice or instruction.

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