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Excessive drinking or drug use can cause problems for both the individual and their family.  The extreme problems that comes with addiction can increase the challenges for families.

At H&N Psychotherapy & Counselling Service we can provide support for family members who are trying to cope with a loved one’s addition, helping them come to terms and understand what they themselves are going through.

The most damaging element in addiction is the complete destruction of the family unit. Like an iceberg, others see how the family appears to be coping on the surface, yet the turmoil and trauma is unseen below the surface.

Some things that families may be trying to cope with:

  • There is an undercurrent of tension and anxiety.
  • There is constant uncertainty of what will happen next.
  • Living with someone abusing alcohol or other drugs addictively is like living with Jekyll and Hyde.
  • You never know who will appear.

Even while extreme things keep happening, family members are not really prepared for them.


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